Boys' Brigade New Zealand Acknowledges the support of:

New Zealand Lotteries CommissionNew Zealand Lotteries Commission

Maerewhenua Trust               The Boys' Brigade and ICONZ, Canterbury/West Coast

The Methodist Church, PAC Distribution Group

Waidale Missionary Trust       The Boys' Brigade Northern Regional Trust

Wilberforce21                       The Stedfast Association of New Zealand

United Way

Botting Legal

Diprose Miller Chartered Accountants             3Bit Solutions

How can I help?

Responding to the desire of supporters of Boys' Brigade to make a monetary contribution to BB and ICONZ in New Zealand, the BB and ICONZ Investors' Club was established to support the ongoing mission of the movement. Membership in the club is awarded to anyone willing to support the Boys' Brigade through monthly contributions by bank automatic payment. In April each year donees receive a receipt for the year's total donation, which can be used to claim a rebate from Inland Revenue.

By joining the BB and ICONZ Investors' Club you are helping in our development of exciting, relevant and valuable courses for today's youth. You are helping to promote this vital ministry to local churches, parents and boys, supporting our volunteer Christian leadership, and demonstrating to our other funders that we are also committed to the work of the Brigade.

As a member of the BB and ICONZ Investors' Club you you are entitled to receive the bi-monthly leaders' publication Leadership to keep up to date with Boys' Brigade life. To apply for membership of the club, just fill out the form below. If you would like to receive Leadership then just check the box on the form. On receipt of the application of your details from the form, we will post to you a pre-printed automatic payment form for you to complete, with your unique membership number on it.

The BB and ICONZ Investors' Club Application Form