Producing resourceful, God-fearing, courageous men

BB exists for ‘The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among boys’ and the promotion of the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, and all the other things that tend towards transforming them into true, Christian men.  This is our Objective.

BB Motto "Sure and Stedfast" Hebrews 6:19

What is BB New Zealand?

Paul the Apostle states six virtues of men: Righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, and gentleness. None of these can come about by accident. BB exists to advance Christ’s Kingdom among boys, by promoting positive skills, habits, and attitudes in a practical setting.

Carrying a legacy of Faith, Foundation, Future
BB in New Zealand

The founding of BB in 1883

William Alexander Smith, a young Sunday school teacher, was worried that the boys in his class were rowdy. Sound familiar?

Smith wanted to teach the boys' Christian principles, but spent most of his time trying to settle them down and establish order until, one day, he had an idea...

 A part-time army officer, Smith know how to get obedience from his troops when he drilled them. Smith knew that drill foot drill, rifle drill and other military drills have been used since antiquity to train soldiers to learn, obey orders and get quickly organised.

He asked: "Suppose the Sunday school boys were like army volunteers who drill during the week? Perhaps then they would be better behaved on Sundays." Smith's idea worked. On October 4th, 1883, The Boys' Brigade was established.

It quickly became obvious that Smith's idea was just what boys wanted and needed and soon other companies were formed, initially in Scotland and then England, New Zealand (1886) and elsewhere.

Today the organisation is represented in over 60 countries across the globe, working with up to 750,000 children and young people. The Boys' Brigade in New Zealand is a direct descendant of Smith's inspiration in 1883. BB New Zealand offers a comprehensive programme for ages 6 to 17, in both a modified traditional format and a new, parallel movement with a New Zealand focus (ICONZ New Zealand).

In the beginning....
BB in New Zealand
The origins and workings of BB New Zealand
From the National Library:
Founded in Glasgow in 1883, the movement reached Christchurch in 1886 and Auckland in 1887. By 1914 the movement was defunct in New Zealand, but was revived in 1924 at Caversham Baptist Church, Dunedin, by Horace Grocott, first honorary Dominion Secretary.
In Oct 1931 a New Zealand Dominion Officers' Council took over national administration from the Dunedin Officers' Council which had run the movement since 1927. In 1932, Roland Hill became the first Dominion Secretary in Wellington where the national administration has been ever since.
From 1932 to 1968 the New Zealand branch was vigorous internationally and from the mid-1940s was responsible for Brigade work in the Pacific Islands. The movement was headed by a Brigade Council (formerly Dominion Council) of delegates from individual units (Companies). 
The local individual companies are formed into Battalions or Groups with their own Councils and Executives. Companies are designated by locality. Originally the movement was divided into the Boys' Brigade (12-18 years) and the Life Boys (9-12), which had its own Area and National Council, Committees and Executive.
In 1967 the two sections were amalgamated as The Boys' Brigade in New Zealand. The local Company now comprises a Company Section (for older boys), a Team Section (for 8-11 year-olds) and Anchor Boys (for 6-7 year-olds).
Currently the movement is headed by the BB New Zealand Executive, elected on set terms for representation and comprising local representatives and specialist roles and routine management is by a National Director and Executive Officer headquartered in Auckland with Development Managers and support staff in other centres.
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