Echo ( 18 to 25 years )


When God anointed Joshua leader over all Israel, he also blessed the people with invincibility during Joshua’s lifetime. He was a man chosen by the Lord because he was faithful and obedient to God; a strong, purposeful, and intelligent leader. These are the young men of the Echo programme.

Interacting with positive male role-models to lead the way
Leaders for the Future

BB Echo Men are our leaders of the future and we are investing to help build their leadership skills and abilities.

Echo men participate in a number of courses, including Bush Leadership and Spirit of New Zealand Voyages, designed to help shape the courageous young leaders of tomorrow—humble, optimistic, sincere servant leaders.

Turning adventuresome boys into respected young men
Why Echo ?
Leadership, resilience and service are values that will stand the young men of Echo in good stead regardless of what they do or where they go in life—they will be prepared and trained, a valuable asset to their churches, families, careers and the BB New Zealand movement.
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