Partnering with Churches:


Boys’ Brigade seeks to partner with local churches to work with boys and young men, fulfilling the Object of “advancing Christ’s Kingdom”, sharing the gospel and encouraging the development of a personal Christian faith. Boys’ Brigade works with churches of all denominations that use our programmes and resources to provide weekly activities for boys across New Zealand.

For many churches, Boys’ Brigade provides a bridge into communities that they otherwise might find difficult to access, providing support to families with whom they would otherwise have no contact. – Find out about partnering with Boys’ Brigade

The faith community in NZ and the BB have always had strong ties and a shared vision in working toward a stronger community. The BB has always relied on strong relationships with Churches in NZ to support its vision in having every boy.........

Today BB and ICONZ form a significant youth ministry support mechanism in churches as BB and ICONZ programmes fulfil the need of every church's urban missions, community programmes, and outreach objectives.

The ministry criteria for family and community outreach is met in each of The BB and ICONZ's age-appropriate programmes.




If you as a church would like to discuss and explore the possibility of one 
or more of our programmes in your church, please get in touch