BBNZ Staff

Michael Good - National Director

Michael Good 4WEB

My name is Michael Good, married to Lois for the last 35 years and looking forward to the rest of our life together. We have 4 adult children - Jonathan (married to Jessica and living in B.C. Canada, Amy (married to Kris and living in Auckland), Natalie and Phillip.

I came to faith in Christ at the age of 17 at a camp at Maungatoroto, after involvement in the Youth Group at Lincoln Road Bible Chapel. I have a science degree and worked in new product research before moving into sales and marketing of scientific equipment. Lois and I felt Gods call into full time ministry together, particularly with young people, as we had both been involved in a leadership role with youth at our home church of LRBC in Henderson, Auckland.

In 1997 we moved with our family to Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines, where we were Boarding Home Parents to some 65 high school students over 6 years. On returning from the Philippines in 2004 I took up the role of Youth Pastor at LRBC for a period of 4 years where I was involved in setting up a supporting relationship with Henderson Intermediate School, worked with Waitakere Police Youth Aid in providing Anger Management Counselling for young offenders, as well as leading a very gifted group of young leaders who ran our Youth Group. For the last 3 years Lois and I have been Administrators for Headspace, part of the Youth arm of Global Connections in Mission.  Headspace is a mission focused gap year program for high school leavers who spend 10 weeks of the year on mission in Thailand.

Stu Thompson - ICONZ New Zealand Director

Stu 9 Aug 2011 EC4

Stu has been our ICONZ Director since he and others established the ICONZ initiative in 2003. He was involved in working in a wide variety of childrens initiatives prior to joining us.  He is most at home outdoors, camping and being with his family which include his wife Karen and their five children and three son and daughters in law. Stu's other interests include kayak fishing and tramping.

With over 30 years experience working with children and young people, Stu says that working with primary school aged children still gives him the most joy. However, mentoring young leaders is an increasingly important part of the job because Young Adult leaders must be empowered to lead into the 21st century. After a fact finding trip visiting our affiliates in the UK and Scandinavia in 2013, Stu was inspired by the large number of young people in important leadership positions and consequently conceived the vision for the Young Guns Leadership Programme which aims to equip and empower young leaders for the Kingdom of God, including Boys Brigade and ICONZ, into the future.

Stu has a Diploma of Childrens Ministries from Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, is a trade qualified carpenter, has worked in sales and marketing, sports coaching and children’s entertainment. Since coming to us so he has worked on developing the full ICONZ programme from our Anchor programmes through to ICONZ Edge (in schools), Adventure , Xtreme and Delta programmes for all school aged boys, recruiting and training leaders within churches from Waikato to Wellington. Since 2010 he has been working closely with two churches in Tauranga to develop the ICONZ Edge school based programme at Welcome Bay School.

Andrew Marquet - North Island Development Manager

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For me what we do is all about M&M's, that's Making Men and Making Missionaries.

Making Men because that's what we've been doing since 1883 and we do it well. We build men of character, faith and confidence who become leaders in their fields. Making Missionaries because I believe everyone has a calling or life mission, whether that is to be a teacher or a preacher, a mechanic or a rocket scientist. Our role is to help boys find their mission and encourage and equip them to nobly succeed in their hearts passions and desires.

To do this we run a L.I.F.E. skills programme and for me the heart of this programme in stages is:

  • Love : Everyone needs to know they're loved, unconditionally and completely
  • Identity - Everyone needs to know they are unique and have both a calling and a set of giftings and abilities that are unique to them. Everyone is born for greatness and no-one else can do what they can.
  • Flow - Everyone needs community, people who reinforce and remind them of their love and identity
  • Engagement - With Love, Identity and Flow our boys can Engage in their worlds from a position of power and confidence. They are not only strong in their own character, faith and beliefs but become leaders who bring a message of L.I.F.E. to all those around them.

I'm proud to work with ICONZ and Boys' Brigade New Zealand.

If you want to know more about our programme or to go deeper into what L.I.F.E. is please contact me on 022 0834 795 or email me:

Leon Schoeman - Development Manager, Otago & Southland

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Leon is married to Roz, who studied public relations, and together they have three children, Elsa, Rohan and Lander the eldest. As a family they like to travel, do gardening and cook.

Both Roz and Leon travelled extensively before they got married.  Roz also worked in Italy for a few years before getting married. Leon did missions work in a number of African countries and has worked on projects in many countries in the Middle East.

Leon completed his pastoral studies but ended up working in the television industry in South Africa and the Middle East, where he also launched the first HD studio for the region.  Most recently Leon worked on scripts as a freelancer for two television series that were broadcast in 2014.  For the last couple of years Leon has been involved in youth ministry with a special focus on social equity and education. 

Since starting as Development Manager in Otago and Southland, Leon has been working in low decile areas in Dunedin where social development is most needed and where fatherless and otherwise vulnerable children are prioritised as ICONZ beneficiaries.

"There are 23,000 vulnerable boys in Otago and Southland and I have made it my work to make sure that every boy I meet has an opportunity for a great future. I am trusting God that ICONZ will help boys discover their unique and true value" 

Collaboration between denominations and secular organisations who work with children, resource ICONZ units with volunteers and talented leaders and strategic improvements are the areas that Leon has placed the most emphasise in for his involvement in this ministry.

Richard Ooi - Executive Officer


Originally from Malaysia, my family and I immigrated to New Zealand in 2001. I am married to Annie for twenty eight years and we have two boys. I came from a Buddhist family but was sent to the Methodist school on the instructions of my grandmother. It was there that I was exposed to Christians, Christianity, chapel services and hymns.

The search for the God started at a very young age and through my teenage years. I attended chapel services in school on Fridays.  On Saturdays I was taken to the Buddhist temple by my grandmother. On week days I was taken to different Taoist temples by my mother. I was surrounded by many other religions where I lived. It was in my teens that I was invited to a small church to hear a dynamic preacher from the United States. This was a missionary to Korea on his way home to the United States.  I accepted Christ as my Saviour and Lord at the evangelistic church service.

At school I was an Instructor for the Boys Brigade unit and Chairman of the Students Christian Fellowship. I was also a Church Board member for many years.

In Malaysia I worked in banking and finance roles. In New Zealand I have worked mainly in management and accounting roles.

I look forward to working with the leadership team and everyone involved in BB and ICONZ. It is a joy to see youth involved in wholesome activities.